Sunday, July 5, 2009

Surveillance is AWESOME!

How did we go from using closed-circuit cameras to monitor launches of V2 rockets to watching society 24/7? There are about 30 million surveillance cameras in the United States watching you 24/7 and generating 4 billion hours of footage a week. The government and law enforcement (probably corporate America too) are the biggest users of this technology and claim they use it to reduce crime, but i have not seen any survey or study of this. These eyes in the sky do not prevent crime they just watch it happen and will eventually monitor the law abiding citizen's behavior. I can just image the future with these flying cameras passing by our home's window or was that book i read? Also what about those red light cameras, i hate them so much, what are they supposed to prevent some kind accident or make not want to beat the yellow light (lol i am just jk)? It is just a money scam just like those stupid toll roads its other way to remind you that you are not free.

Radio Frequency Identification Chips

You might think they you don't own any RFID chips, but you actually do. These chips are used in supermarkets and stores to keep track of their stock, but they can also be used to monitor what kind of products you like. These chips are really small and are about the same size as a grain of rice and can be inserted into clothing,food,and pretty much everything you buy. The RFID is not turned off after you leave the store it is still sending out a signal after the purchase.

Your Phone Company
Throw away your alligator clips because in the 21st century there is no need for that barbaric tools for surveillance. I think everybody already knows that telecom companies were granted immunity and help the government spy on your mobile and lan line phone calls. Communications can also be blocked and that just opens the door for disinformation and lovely propaganda.

Your Boss works for Big Brother
Do you have email at work? If you use it for your personal communications then your boss knows about your dirty little secret. With the help of software and actual people your emails are scanned and stored to if your wasting "precious" work time. Of course that not only means emails thought it also means that your web surfing behavior is monitored and your boss know who you talk to on twitter,facebook,and my space.

Advertisements Love You

Have you ever wondered why those advertisements just for some reason match up with you so well? Well if you did not know there is technology that scans your browsing history and keywords from those websites to create and advertisement just for you, awww. The companies that do this say the whole process anonymous and none or your. If you want to know how to protect your self from this visit my spy ware blog posting.

I know where you are!
I have already stated that the telecom companies are spying on your conversations and now they also make it easier to find your location. Most modern mobile phones have a GPS chip inside them since it has become popular to have navigation software on your phone. I remember when i gave a speech in one of my classes address about 3 1/2 ago and stated that GPS technology will become so integrated into our daily lives that a search engine like google could be used to know where your boyfriend,girlfriend, or a loved one is located. I saw a person laugh and shake their head in a manner that seem to suggest that he was disagreeing. Who is laughing now?

Where Are Your Friends and Family? Check Google Maps
The new software to be released Wednesday will enable people with mobile phones and other wireless devices to automatically share their whereabouts with family and friends.The feature, dubbed "Latitude," expands upon a tool introduced in 2007 to allow mobile phone users to check their own location on a Google map with the press of a button."This adds a social flavor to Google maps and makes it more fun," said Steve Lee, a Google product manager.It could also raise privacy concerns, but Google is doing its best to avoid a backlash by requiring each user to manually turn on the tracking software and making it easy to turn off or limit access to the service. Google also is promising not to retain any information about its users' movements. Only the last location picked up by the tracking service will be stored on Google's computers, Lee said. The software plots a user's location — marked by a personal picture on Google's map — by relying on cell phone towers, global positioning systems or a Wi-Fi connection to deduce their location. The system can follow people's travels in the United States and 26 other countries.
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