Monday, June 29, 2009

Honduran President Ousted in Coup

The rich and military elite have done it again and followed the same step by step process of the attempted cout de ta of Venezuelan in the year 2000. The Honduran president, Manuel Zelaya, was ousted by the army on Sunday after pressing ahead with plans for a referendum that opponents said could lay the groundwork for his eventual re-election, in the first military coup in Central America since the end of the cold war. source

The army entered the presidential palace, disarmed the presidential guard, and put President Zelaya on a one way plane to Costa Rica; at least they did not kill him. Later that day the Honduran congress voted Zelaya out of his presidency and appointed Roberto Micheletti as president, but Zelaya says that he his the democratically elected president of Honduras.
President Obama has stated that he does not agree with kicking out Mr.Zelaya, but the problem is that leaders of the Honduran military coup were trained in the United States. Fort Benning, Georgia has been known to produce graduates that are experts at torture, death squads, and other unique and wonderful ways of destroying human lives.

According to the watchdog group School of Americas Watch, Gen. Vasquez trained at the
Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation at least twice — in 1976 and 1984 — when it was still called School of Americas. The Georgia-based U.S. military school is infamous for training over 60,000 Latin American soldiers, including infamous dictators, “death squad” leaders and others charged with torture and other human rights abuses. SOA Watch’s annual protest to shut down the Fort Benning training site draws thousands.

According to SOA Watch, the U.S. Army school has a particularly checkered record in Honduras, with over 50 graduates who have been intimately involved in human rights abuses. In 1975, SOA Graduate General Juan Melgar Castro became the military dictator of Honduras. From 1980-1982 the dictatorial Honduran regime was headed by yet another SOA graduate, Policarpo Paz Garcia, who intensified repression and murder by Battalion 3-16, one of the most feared death squads in all of Latin America (founded by Honduran SOA graduates with the help of Argentine SOA graduates).

General Vasquez isn’t the only leader in the Honduras coup linked to the U.S. training facility. As Kristin Bricker points out:

The head of the Air Force, Gen. Luis Javier Prince Suazo, studied in the School of the Americas in 1996. The Air Force has been a central protagonist in the Honduran crisis. When the military refused to distribute the ballot boxes for the opinion poll, the ballot boxes were stored on an Air Force base until citizens accompanied by Zelaya rescued them. Zelaya reports that after soldiers kidnapped him, they took him to an Air Force base, where he was put on a plane and sent to Costa Rica.


The worst part and the part that alarms me is the President Hugo Chavez (Venesuela), President Daniel Ortega (Nicaragua), President Evo Morales (Bolivia), and many others have said that they do not recognize "President" Roberto Micheletti. On top of that
Chávez said he would do everything necessary to reverse the coup against his close ally. He said he would respond militarily if his envoy to Honduras was attacked or kidnapped. Chaves stated that "I have put the armed forces of Venezuela on alert," he said on state television. If a new government was sworn in it would be defeated, Chávez said. "We will bring them down, we will bring them down, I tell you".

The military in Honduras is doing all it can to keep the coup going by cutting of the electricity for most of the day in Tegucigalpa,seizing television and radio stations taking them off air, and only rich Hondurans with access to the Internet and cable television were able to follow the day’s events. All while military tanks and military planes flew overhead. Oh yeah and the classic trade mark of tyranny of a 9pm curfew was placed nationwide. source

Good news though the citizens of Honduras are not spineless because they blocked the street to stop the army from arriving at the presidential palace while they threw rocks and yelled "Traitors! Traitors!".

If that was not enough the Venezuelan, Cuban, and Nicaraguan Ambassadors to Honduras were also kidnapped.

Military personnel kidnapped the ambassadors of Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua in Honduras, along with the Honduran Foreign Relations Minister Patricia Rodas, according to Venezuela’s ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), Roy Chaderton.

Chaderton made the announcement just before noon today during an emergency meeting of the OAS in Washington that was convened to respond to the military coup d’etat underway in the Honduras.

“Excuse the interruption, it is an urgent matter. I have just received information in this moment that the ambassadors of Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela,and Foreign Relations Minister Patricia Rodas have been kidnapped by a group of hooded military agents,” said Chaderton.

All i can say is that the globalist are hard at work....
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

China to Count Abortions as Carbon off-set Credits. EU and UN Approve Applaud

China to count Abortions as Carbon off-set Credits. EU and UN Approve Applaud Chris Horner Author of RED HOT LIES : How Global Warming Alarmists Use Threats, Fraud, and Deception to Keep You Misinformed. on Glen Beck

As some of you may know the U.N has awarded china for many of its policies, one child policy for example. Even the U.S is backing China up by given aid under the climate change deal:
U.S. Special Envoy for Climate Change Todd Stern said that there was “no question” that China would receive both financial and technological assistance from the United States as part of upcoming climate change talks to be conducted in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“This is a developing country issue, which includes China,” Stern told reporters on Friday. “I think there is no question that a Copenhagen agreement is going to have to include mechanisms to provide the financial flows and technological assistance to developing countries.”

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It is all about the global green revolution. Do you really think that the "green revolution" is a grassroots project? China is the experimental lab/scientific project/blueprint of the new world order for the world. Hey! this is the country that allows companies to use skin harvested from corpses of executed convicts to develop beauty products that are later sent to Europe for all the beautiful tools to use.
Source: London Guardian

Oh and that's not all! Here are more sources of the total disrespect for human life!
mainstream sources

Forget the traditional bullet in the head because China is a pioneer and wants you to got out in style in a stylish mobile van of death.
Makers of the death vans say the vehicles and injections are a civilized alternative to the firing squad, ending the life of the condemned more quickly, clinically and safely. The switch from gunshots to injections is a sign that China "promotes human rights now," says Kang Zhongwen, who designed the Jinguan Automobile death van in which "Devil" Zhang took his final ride.For years, foreign human rights groups have accused China of arbitrary executions and cruelty in its use of capital punishment. The exact number of convicts put to death is a state secret. Amnesty International estimates there were at least 1,770 executions in China in 2005 — vs. 60 in the United States, but the group says on its website that the toll could be as high as 8,000 prisoners.
USA Today
It isn't all bad though because you get awarded with money if you commit to the one child policy, but if you don't or if your baby is not approved of you will forced to an abortion.

Several health workers have been arrested in Shandong Province in the east of China after the authorities admitted that local officials had been forcing women to have abortions or undergo sterilisations.

Sources in Linyi City and its surrounding counties claimed that up to 120,000 women had been coerced into submitting to the procedures and that some of them were in the ninth month of their pregnancies.

The arrests follow the detention on 6 September of a local activist, Chen Guangcheng. Mr Chen had claimed that women with two children were being forced to undergo sterilisations, while women pregnant with their third child were required to have abortions.

Human rights groups have long insisted that China used compulsory abortions and sterilisations as a way of enforcing its one-child policy, which restricts couples to just one child and was introduced in 1979 as a means of controlling the growth of its population.
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Yes! it is a revolution but NOT in your benefit.
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Keyword Jackson: Google thought Michael Jackson traffic was attack

Its a MJ Bomb...

Tom Krazit
CNet News

Google has confirmed that the surge of Michael Jackson-related searches on Google News Thursday was first interpreted as an attack on its service.

Google News was inaccessible for some people Thursday afternoon right as rumors of Jackson’s death began to circulate, replaced by an error message reading “We’re sorry, but your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now.”

Of course, those queries were quite legitimate, as millions around the world searched for accurate information regarding Jackson following reports that he had suffered cardiac arrest. The spike in queries began at about 2:45 p.m. PDT Thursday, and Google thought the traffic was an attack for about 25 minutes before realizing what was going on.

Google also noted that it saw a huge spike in mobile searches. Yahoo’s data backed up Google’s; it set a record for unique visitors in a single day with 16.4 million visitors, and its lead story on Jackson’s death was the most highly-visited story in its history.

Source Site
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Friday, June 26, 2009

Cop Who Brutally Beat Female Bartender Receives Probation

WGN Radio 720

blogger note: How is this sadistic cop still allowed to be in the police force? You know why because that what the federalized police force wants! How is this going to stop him from doing this again?

A Chicago police officer was sentenced to two years probation Tuesday for pummeling a woman who was tending bar, even though prosecutors produced a previously unseen video showing him beating someone else at the bar hours earlier.Anthony Abbate — who declined to say anything to the judge before he was sentenced — could have gotten up to five years for beating Karolina Obrycka in February of 2007. The attack was captured by the bar’s security camera and the video was shown around the world.Judge John Fleming said he decided against jail time, explaining he did not believe the crime was serious enough and that throwing Abbate in prison would not be a deterrent to others.
continue reading at source site:
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Freedom Downtime

is the story of computer hacker Kevin Mitnick, imprisoned without bail for nearly five years. The film tries to uncover the reasons why the authorities are so scared of Mitnick as well as define what exactly he did. As word of a new Hollywood movie portraying Mitnick as a terrorist becomes known, hackers begin to turn to activism to get their message out. Through interviews with relatives, friends, lawyers, and experts in the computer and civil liberties arena, a picture of a great injustice becomes apparent. A cross country journey uncovers some realities of the hacker culture as well as the sobering reality that so many technically adept young people seem destined for prison.

Winner of the Audience Award for Documentaries at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, 2002

I love this documentary because it shows the real hacker mentality unlike the one that the mainstream media shows you; basically a criminal behind a computer. Beside teaching the meaning of hacking it also shows the broken justice system that currently still exist in America. When the man catches you smoking weed you pay a heavy price by being locked up in Federal Prison with violent criminals even though you did that was harming anyone and this also happens to hackers. Young adults/kids are thrown in jail to rot and some will fall to the criminal ways after they get out. Well just watch the documentary and you will see what i am talking about, oh and visit and buy a copy of their DVD to support them. (If you have seen those prison documentaries we can agree that it is a scary place!)
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

How to remove adware, spyware, dailers, keyloggers, trogens, and protect your usage tracks...

Also known as advertising-supported software is software that hi jacks your computer to play and display or even download advertisements to your computer once the software is installed on your hard drive.

Adware Examples
123 Messenger, 180SearchAssistant, 888bar, Adssite Toolbar, AOL Instant Messenger, Antivirus 200 Family, Bearshare, Bonzi Buddy, BlockChecker, Burn4Free, ClipGenie, Comet Cursor, Crazy Girls,Cydoor, Daemon Tools - (Software comes bundled with the "Daemon Tools WhenUSave Toolbar" but can be unchecked during installation), Direct Revenue, DivX, DollarRevenue, Ebates MoneyMaker, ErrorSafe, Evernote, Ezula, FaceGame.exe, FlashGet, Gamespy, Gamevance, Gator, Gool.exe, and soooo many more >_>

spyware installs itself on your computer with out your consent and mainly monitors your web browsing behavior. It changes your computers settings, slows down your internet connection, change the homepage, and installs additional software. To put in simple terms it invades your privacy!

Dialers are necessary to connect to the internet (at least for non-broadband connections), but some dialers are designed to connect to premium-rate numbers. The providers of such dialers often search for security holes that may be present in the operating system installed on the user's computer and use them to change the computer to dial up through their number, pocketing the additional money for themselves. Alternatively, some dialers inform the user what it is that they are doing, with the promise of special content, accessible only via the special number. Examples of this content include software for download, (usually illegal) MP3s, 'underground' hacking materials such as viruses,and in the case of at least one website, pornography.

The cost of setting up such a service is relatively low, amounting to a few thousand dollars for telecommunications equipment, whereupon the unscrupulous operator will typically take 90% of the cost of a premium rate call, with very few overheads of their own.

Users with DSLs (or similar broadband connections) are usually not affected. A dialer can be downloaded and installed, but dialing in is not possible as there are no regular phone numbers in the DSL network and users will not typically have their dial-up modem, if any, connected to a phone line. However, if an ISDN adapter or additional analog modem is installed, the dialer might still be able to get a connection.

Malicious dialers can be identified by the following characteristics:

  • A download popup opens when opening a website.
  • On the website there is only a small hint, if any, about the price.
  • The download starts even if the cancel button has been clicked.
  • The dialer installs as default connection without any notice.
  • The dialer creates unwanted connections by itself and without user interaction.
  • The dialer does not show any notice about the price (only few do) before dialing in.
  • The high price of the connection is not being shown while connected
  • The dialer cannot be uninstalled, or only with serious effort.
A hardwardware or software based method of loggin the keys that are pressed on a keyboard for the purpose of monitoring.

Is malware that helps gain unauthorized access to the victims computer system. Additionally, they require interaction with a hacker to fulfil their purpose. The hacker need not be the individual responsible for distributing the Trojan horse. It is possible for hackers to scan computers on a network using a port scanner in the hope of finding one with a Trojan horse. The term Trojan Horse comes from a story in Greek mythology.

Usage Tracks
Usage tracks are your fingerprints in your system. Whenever you visit a page with your browser, or just open any file, that information is stored deep inside windows. In most cases that is very useful – if you want to open that file again, you can select it from a list instead of typing the whole filename or browsing the whole directory structure again. But in some cases you may want to hide your activity, because spyware and internet attackers may use that information.

If you like this post, buy me a RootBeer at $1 to quench my thirst!

Official Spybot S&D Site
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